Partnership with UNICHROME is the ticket to the island of reliability and sustainable development in the turbulent ocean of commodity markets

Metals, alloys and ores markets require reliable, flexible and responsible approaches to ensure sustainable relationships among different participants of the industry. UNICHROME AG has various quality supply options and long-term pricing solutions based on its solid trading experience, industrial background and expertise of the market, existing indexes and benchmarks.

Our experienced and customer oriented team is committed to provide first class service to all counterparties whether it is for small spot deals or for long-term, complex, formula index-based agreements.

Our recent projects and research aim to create an effective solution based on the pricing indexes and formulas, which will allow to replace mainly inefficient, non-transparent and old-fashioned methods.

We are in the process of developing new concepts for pricing, which will be based on the latest information technology combined with the best classic trading practices. These will be liquid, hedgeable, transparent and supply/demand balance driven.

We propose to introduce these solutions and concepts for hedging long-term risks among market participants. We welcome all interested parties to join us in the development of future sustainable relationships.