About us

UNICHROME AG is a Swiss, privately owned company, which has broad activities and deep expertise in metal trading, especially Chromium ore, Ferroalloys, Base and Minor metals, as well as pricing, trading and production process.

UNICHROME AG has a worldwide network of customers and partners extending to Europe, CIS, Asia and North America. We also have long-term good relations with industry service providers.

Over past several years many commodity markets have shown volatile behavior. Cr ore and FeCr indexes were within the top of most volatile indicators for the metals and commodities in general. Therefore, the market requires the mechanism which will allow all market participants to measure future expectations on a longer term, with more accuracy and financial responsibility than what exists now. We apply our expertise in chrome market price mechanisms as it works today and develop the way forward.

UNICHROME is an Associate Member of The International Chromium Development Association (ICDA), www.icdacr.com and a Member of Zug Commodity Association, Switzerland (ZCA), www.zugcommodity.ch.