Since last years we have been also working on an initiative merging modern economic science, and technological achievements with experience in the Cr and other alloys industry in order to provide the market of Cr products with a much more advanced and useful tool than base metals enjoy through exchange. The goal is to ensure more market stability in synergy with short term liquidity, and facilitate greater transparency of supply-demand balance taking into account qualitative, logistical and environmental aspects.

We found digital platform SoftMetal which we have developed and plan to launch in 2023 together with our fintech partner Secretarium.

SoftMetal Digital Trading

Fair and liquid trading of complex metals

  • SoftMetal is a trading platform that brings together buyers and sellers of complex alloys and metals in one marketplace.
  • On classical exchange platforms, commodities are traded on a contract with standardized quality parameters. Past attempts to standardize ferroalloys were unable to ensure price transparency and market liquidity.
  • SoftMetal was created to solve these structural issues and provide a reliable digital marketplace for all participants.

Your data is secured for fair spot-pricing

  • SoftMetal does not have access to users’ information, be it their inventory or their trade information. Our price indices, calculated directly from trades on the platform, are exempt from bias introduced by human intervention.